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About us

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you


We are a Colombian brand inspired by the ocean, we understand your passion and connection with the water element, that´s  why our purpose is to accompany you during these moments and generate feelings of freedom, self-trust and enjoyment.
We offer specialized products for water and underwater activities such as windsurfing, kite surfing, paddleboarding, surfing, diving, freediving, swimming, among others. Focusing on swimwear, wetsuits, sports-wear and accessories designed for a beach life style  that will allow you to feel accompanied by the brand before, during and after your water-sport activities.


Your needs led us to create new ways to find the balance between a feminine fit, comfortable and functional that gives you freedom in your movements and confidence in your body by using silhouettes, colors and prints that  make you feel

comfortable, feminine, beautiful and confident.


You are a free independent woman, eager for exciting experiences and sensitive to nature who loves getting out of the routine to find those moments where you can practice your hobbies and connect with your essence and your power.


In love with water and the elements of nature. Fashion designers with different paths in the professional field, but united by a great love for the sea and water activities.

We are focused on designing and producing functional, quality products. Our fabrics and products are 100% made in Colombia.


Biologist, Fashion Designer and Mg in Consumer Behavior. Teacher, Reiki-therapist and part of Colombia Master of Underwater Hockey team, water lover and connected to the ocean since she was 5 years old.


Fashion designer, Scuba diving instructor, amateur of  underwater photography. Sea and nature lover. Living by the sea has allowed me to explore my creative side and at the same time understand the needs of having a day to day exposed to the sun and water.


Fashion designer, nature lover, discover new places, travel and the sea. I love to run  projects that involve creative and production processes. I found in Awamare my dream of achieving the perfect balance between functionality, performance without leaving aside a high content of fashion and added value.